Why choose School “Queen Elizabeth” Craiova?

  • Students will benefit from a professional training equivalent to the standard training in the other countries of the European Union (the qualification as General Medical Assistant is recognized by the European Union by Directive 2005/36 / EC (Annex V), text with EEA relevance 2008 / C 322/03) .
  • We make registrations for high school graduates, with or without the diploma of baccalaureate / without age limit, according to the provisions of the NATIONAL EDUCATION LAW no. 1/2011, Art.44, paragraph (9).
  • The professionalism, the honesty and the integrity, as well as the orientation towards the professional aspirations of the student guide our activity!
  • School fee payable in 4 part payments;
  • Online registration;
  • The school fee does not change during the three years of study!
  • The graduation certificate is internationally eligible!
  • We provide graduates with jobs abroad!


In our school:

  • The schooling for particular post-secondary pre-university education, level 5 post-secondary, the field “health and pedagogical assistance”, the specialization / professional qualification “general medical assistant”  is made on the basis of an educational contract that regulates the relations between the provisioning education unit. of education and student;
  • You will be trained to adapt and integrate socially to future economic, social and cultural changes;
  • You benefit from a quality education, corresponding to the changing needs of the company and its beneficiaries able to meet the demands of the labor market in the European Union.


The “Queen Elizabeth” Craiova Post-secondary School of Health Studies undertakes to provide the student, during each school year:

  • Good professional training;
  • Teachers with high professional competence and moral standing;
  • Classrooms, cabinets, laboratories, demonstration rooms, library, equipped according to a quality education process;
  • Carrying out the clinical education activity in the specialized health unit;
  • Organizing and conducting in good conditions the assessment of knowledge (exams for completing the study modules, verification tests, colloquiums, simulations of the graduation exams, etc.) by taking into account the activity of the student during the school year, based on the three criteria: frequency, performance and discipline;
  • Support in preparing for the completion of studies (elaboration of the graduation project, passing the graduation exam).


The students of the Post-secondary School of Health Studies “Queen Elizabeth” Craiova mainly have the following rights:

  • The right to quality education;
  • The right to equal opportunities and treatment, according to the law;
  • The right to safety and health during the instructional-educational activities;
  • The right to dignity during the school and extracurricular activities;
  • The right to the protection of all personal data, according to the law;
  • The right to free expression, according to the Romanian Constitution;
  • The right to use the material base held by the educational unit;
  • The right of access to internal and external mobility programs, according to the law, with the recognition of the studies, competences and grades obtained in this way;
  • The right to choose and be elected within any democratically representative structure: councils, commissions, regardless of gender, race, nationality, political or religious affiliation, without restrictions that could constitute discrimination or segregation;
  • The right to participate in extracurricular activities organized by the school;
  • The right to freely decide on its political and religious affiliation, according to the law;
  • The right to take part in determining and improving the study conditions and the study environment;
  • The right to be issued the documents of studies and of those who attest the status of student;
  • The rights of the students stipulated in the Internal Regulations of the educational unit.


  • Fetițoiu Mihaela

    Vrei să devii un asistent medical de excepție?alege școala postliceală sanitară Elisabeth Queen! Poți beneficia de foarte multe lucruri, mai ales de cadre medicale ,,de excepție,,care îți vor îndruma pașii spre o carieră de succes!atât în țară cât și în afară! Recomand cu încredere!!!

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