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Post-secondary School of Health Studies

“Queen Elizabeth” Craiova



 Post-secondary School of Health Studies “Queen Elizabeth” Craiova is a European school that offers a quality education, corresponding to the changing needs of the society and its beneficiaries able to meet the demands of the labor market in the European Union.

Our school is a legal person of private law and of public interest, having as object the schooling for post-secondary pre-university particular education, level 5 post-secondary, the field “health and pedagogical assistance”, the specialization / professional qualification “general medical assistant“.

We work in partnership with institutions in the country and abroad to provide quality vocational training and offer employment opportunities both at home and abroad (UK and Norway).

Following the passing and promotion of the certification exam, graduates receive a level 5 professional qualification certificate and the descriptive supplement of the certificate in Europass format.

The graduation certificate is internationally eligible!

 Our standard is EXCELLENCE!