Focus Care AS is a reliable and responsive Norwegian partner. They continue to exceed our expectations of each new mission we bring. They are a valuable partner.

Focus Care AS is highly informed, passionate about what they are doing. Focus Care AS contributes to improving the health of our fellow humans.

The business started in 2006 and provides staff to municipalities and nursing homes in Norway.

The role of Focus Care AS is to find the best job for nurses according to their requirements, experience and skills.

The company is based in Kirkenes, northern Norway. The company has approx. 120 employees from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and, of course, Norway.

Focus Care AS has recruited nurses from Romania since 2014, and today has approximately 25 Romanian employees.

In Romania, they works with Work Experience Ltd, UK, who has been leading the recruitment for 18 years.

Focus Care AS offers many solutions in terms of education, health, language training, etc. It does this to ensure secure and well-paid jobs in Norway.

The average monthly salary for nurses is € 3500.

 We are preparing you for a successful career in NORWAY !

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