European project MY SMART SCHOOL

The project submitted in Italy for the Post-secondary School of Health Studies “QUEEN ELIZABETH” Craiova is approved !!!

Project name: MY SMART SCHOOL

ERASMUS + KA229-51B7DFE3 project

Romania, item 240: code 2019-1-IT02-KA229-062216_5

Partners: Italy (coordinator), Portugal, Romania (“QUEEN ELIZABETH” Craiova Post-secondary School of Health Studies), Turkey, Greece.




1. Escola Secundária de Rocha Peixoto Escola Secundária de Rocha Peixoto



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2. Școala Postliceală de Studii Sanitare “Queen Elizabeth” Craiova
Școala Postliceală de Studii Sanitare
Școala Postliceală de Studii Sanitare
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3. Sehit Niyazi Erguven Anadolu Lisesi  Sehit Niyazi Erguven Anadolu Lisesi

Tarsus Turkey
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4. 2oGymRodou
2o Gym Rodou

The main objective of the partnership is to offer exchanges of good practices, assistance in the process of acquisition, development and improvement of digital skills.

Partner schools will acquire skills, knowledge and information, gained and improved through innovative approaches to modern teaching and learning methods, which will involve the efficient use of different digital devices.

The project will be implemented in September 2019 and will run for two years.

Workshops for 8 teachers and 24 students will be held to develop, develop and improve knowledge about Google’s mobile educational applications and tools.

The people selected to participate in the project (8 teachers and 24 students) will make working visits (one week) in each of the partner schools.

All costs related to inter-school mobility (organization, transport, accommodation) will be borne by EU funds through the Erasmus + program.


IPIAS G. GIORGI, Potenza, Italy

is a vocational secondary school (for students aged 14-18), which has shown increasing interest in the professional fields and opportunities in the industrial, production and textile and fashion sectors, as well as in social and health services.

Rocha Peixoto Secondary School, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal

is a school with 350 pupils in the primary cycle (7th, 8th and 9th grades – between 12 and 15 years), with 900 pupils in secondary education (10th, 11th grades) and XII – 15-18 years) and 400 students from VET courses between the ages of 15 and 18 years. Also, the school has experience in adult education, in number over 100, at the academic level.

Post-secondary School of Health Studies “Queen Elizabeth” Craiova, Romania

offers training for high school graduates enrolled in pre-university health education, preparing them to become nurses in the field of “health and pedagogical assistance”, professional qualifications: “general medical assistant” and “pharmacy medical assistant”. It is a post-secondary school that offers quality education in line with the changing needs of society and its beneficiaries, capable of responding to the demands of the labor market in the European Union.

Sehit Niyazi Erguven Anadolu Lisesi, Tarsus, Turkey

The school is set up in 2016, and the headquarters is located in the city center. Although it is a newly established educational unit, it has staff involved in social activities and support for students.

The school offers education in the field of education for 116 girls and 84 boys.

2nd Gym Rodou, Rhodes, Greece

is a secondary school in Rhodes, with 150 students and 25 teachers. Every year extra-curricular activities are organized on environmental, cultural or health education, visits and educational events, to give students the opportunity to take initiatives and to express themselves.

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