Nursing room ”Florence Nightingale”

In order for the students to benefit from practical training at the highest level, our school has a nursing room, equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for quality practical training, which are provided in the curriculum of the general medical assistant profession.

As a tribute to Florence Nightingale (n. May 12, 1820 – d. August 13, 1910), the forerunner of the modern health service, the personality who took the decisive step in recognizing the profession of nurse and also the one who founded the first school of profile, the Post-secondary School of Health Studies “Queen Elizabeth” Craiova has set up a nursing room which bears its name.

In the Nursing Room “Florence Nightingale” there are practical works for the General Medical Assistant (AMG) specialization, where students learn or perfect all the techniques provided by the Nursing disciplines, techniques that have to be assimilated to become future nurses.

One of the rules imposed by the Post-secondary School of Health Studies “Queen Elizabeth” Craiova is that no student should work directly on the patient until they have formed the correct skills in this nursing room.

In order for the students to be able to practice and learn the techniques required by the AMG specialization in the best conditions, our school purchased a series of devices designed to simulate the interaction with the patient.

Among the new devices in the “arsenal” of the nursing room is a dummy for complex care.

Also, the nursing room also has its own video projector that helps students to view materials, images, videos, specialized courses.

Nursing room “Florence Nightingale”

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